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Neopharma Technologies recognised as the Top 100 Healthcare Technology company in 2021. Leading the way in Drugs-of-Abuse Testing.

Press Release 7th of September 2021

Neopharma Technologies Ltd is the owner and operator of a globally patented, trademarked, and “award-winning” Drugs-of-Abuse testing device and Enterprise Resource Management platform:
TamperLoks DataVault. Today Neopharma announced that it has been included in The Healthcare Technology Reports’s Top 100 Technology Companies of 2021 list.

“It is a true honour for our company to be recognised alongside such distinguished & respected companies such as Johnson & Johnson, Boston Scientific, Abbott, and 3M” said Shaun Melville Global Head of Sales & Marketing for Neopharma Technologies.

“Neopharma Technologies is committed to creating a global safe workplace best practice solution with  its world leading Drugs-of-Abuse testing solution TamperLoks DataVault. The impact of the Covid-19 pandemic has highlighted the importance of increased rapid testing and how that data can be managed in real time. Neopharma Technologies has entered the market to change the way this information is securely collected, transferred, stored, managed, and reported. As the company develops to increase its market share in the Global Drugs-of-Abuse testing industry, it is looking at how to better safely and securely manage the data of all critical health-related IVD’s including Covid19, Dengue Fever, HIV to name a few”.

About The Healthcare Technology Report

The Healthcare Technology Report provides market research and insights, business news, investment activity updates, and important corporate developments related to the healthcare technology sector. Based in New York City, the firm is run by a seasoned team of editors, writers and media professionals highly knowledgeable on healthcare technology and the various companies, executives and investors that make up the sector.

About The Top 100 Healthcare Technology Companies of 2021
The Healthcare Technology Report is pleased to announce The Top 100 Healthcare Technology Companies of 2021. This year’s awardees comprise a broad range of companies from well-known names like Johnson & Johnson, 3M Health Care, and Illumia to relatively newer but rapidly growing enterprises
The diverse range of sophisticated products and services offered through these companies – from digital pharmacies to holistic patient care and AI-powered robotics to digital healthcare payments – have not only led to the modernization of the healthcare sector but also a brighter future where healthcare is democratized for all.
Advancements in healthcare, whether through data and communications, research and clinical trials, or consumer offerings, have also helped to create an environment where more promising care alternatives are possible. The pioneering companies selected for this year’s list have one thing in common: they are revolutionizing the way we live, and the way we navigate one of the most important factors for all of us: our health.
“Congratulations to Neopharma Technologies” said Melissa Williams from The Healthcare Technology Report “After review of both the number and quality of nomination submissions we received on behalf of your company, we are delighted to extend the invitation for Neopharma Technologies to be included as a 2021 awardee”
The following awardees were nominated and selected based on a thorough evaluation process. Among the key criteria considered were product service quality, customer adoption, management team caliber, organizational effectiveness, and company growth among other factors.
The Top 100 Technology Companies of 2021 can be viewed here:
About Neopharma Technologies Ltd
Neopharma Technologies Ltd is a public unlisted Australian Company. Its strategic vision is to be the global leader in drugs-of-abuse early intervention, through reliable testing, management an rehabilitation. It is the owner and operator of a globally patented, trademarked and award winning Drugs-of-Abuse testing device and Enterprise Resource Management platform: TamperLoks DataVault (TLDV).
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